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 New Living Expo

2-day symposium can be seen here on livestream.com

2-day symposium on livestream.com Our presentation begins at 90 minutes into Day 2.



We are proud to present at the United Patients Group upcoming MEDICAL CANNABIS: The Science Behind the Hype




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Aunt Zelda’s is proud to be a recipient of the United Patients Group Seal of Approval.




Aunt Zelda’s Founder, Mara Gordon


Pediatric Cancer and Cannabis




Patients Out of TimePatients Out of Time 8 May 2014

Producers Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein

Producers Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein of the groundbreaking documentary Weed the People



510-604-9550   info@azcannaoil.com


NOW! existing patient refills:  orders@azcannaoil.com


“Our recent patients’ success stories have been truly inspiring. We sincerely thank you for your continued support. It is for you that Aunt Zelda’s strives to develop the best of what cannabis has to offer. One day soon, all in need will have access to this miraculous medicine. “- Stewart and Mara


We are receiving membership applications and inquiries at a rapid rate, and wish to help all in need. The individualized care each person receives requires teamwork. Our committed volunteers and staff are dedicated to your successful use of medical cannabis.




We infuse only top shelf cannabis flowers into our oils.  Aunt Zelda’s has refined a specialized extraction and dosing method that results in consistency,  predictability and puts control back into patients’ lives.


Also, we research the effects of different cannabis strains on specific conditions, and use this information to provide the best medical cannabis solution for our patients.


Aunt Zelda’s tests its strains through Sonoma Labworks. They provide Aunt Zelda’s with a full analysis of  the cannabinoid and terpene breakdown within each strain. This is the highest standard of  terpene/cannabinoid (as well as pesticides, molds and mildews) testing available in California.




Aunt Zelda’s Oil – Just Makes Life Better


510-604-9550   info@azcannaoil.com



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